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A career in education can often leave you feeling time-strapped, financially limited, resource-deprived, and drained of energy. You face unique and complex obstacles that come up every hour of your working life.

Teaching Up can help simplify your journey and give you tools to achieve your goals with a sense of fulfillment and support.

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The note I’m about to write says:
“I like pizza. It’s yummy.” 

message from Cris, Teaching up Founder

Explore. Plan. Do. Grow.

As an educator, I’m most inspired by helping students find (and use) their superpowers. Let’s do the same for you.

Teaching Up is the result of 23 years of experience in corporate, nonprofit, and educational settings. I’ve mastered the art of applying transferrable skills to new projects, being guided by an uncommon combination of evidence, intuition, empathy, and structure. The end product you’ll receive is consulting, action plans, and a bit of coaching that helps you accomplish the goals that may seem out of reach.

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