Organizational Support

As a school leader, you’re being pulled in a million directions every day. Organizational priorities get pushed so that you can support students or staff when they need your guidance. You’re working with limited resources and trying to learn new methods and technologies every month. Teaching Up can support your business priorities so that you can focus on the human elements of your important work.

Enrollment boosts / special campaigns

Let’s design a marketing campaign to help accomplish short-term goals like growing your audience or engaging families differently.

Project or change management

Leading a team through a special project or a major transition can be a full-time role. Together, we’ll make a plan, assign responsibilities based on the resources you have available, and make sure the process feels great for everyone involved.

brand strategy

It isn’t easy to get your program, communications,  values, image, operations, and results all in perfect alignment. Let’s do it together, step by step.

Leadership & Staff Training Plans

Whether you need to streamline your onboarding processes or develop leaders from your staff skillset, we can work together to define a plan that feels great for everyone.

alternative revenue streams

Your school or educational program can have a side hustle! Together, let’s take a step away from mandatory fundraising and create revenue streams that add value to your school community.

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY / quality assessment

Sometimes, things are working fine but it’s a bit painful or you know “there’s got to be a better way”. Let’s uncover opportunities for improvement together.


We’ll explore your team’s needs. Together. 


Let’s chat about life, goals, and roadblocks! We’ll make sure it’s a fit and that you’ll get value from what we can deliver.


You’ll receive a summary of our recommendation and a clear plan of action (including important dates and final pricing details). Once you confirm, we begin!

Execute & monitor

Our plan comes to life in small, manageable steps. As we progress, we evaluate effectiveness and adjust as needed. 


Pricing Models For Every Need

Schools have tight budgets. Startups, even more so. Teaching Up will work with you to determine how to add maximum value for minimum cost.



Client Testimonials

I was impressed with her enthusiasm, “grace under fire’” attitude and ability to multitask effectively without missing a beat.

Cristina is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is passionate about her projects and compassionate towards her team and clients.  She focuses her attention to detail and can manage any project to a concise budget. – Norma S. 

“Cristina is a strong leader, problem solver and passionate about the work she does. She manages through many moving pieces and problems simultaneously with ease, and has a strong but calm nature to her conflict resolution that has proven to be successful. She assesses the strengths of each of her team members in order to best leverage their skills, and to create the most collaborative environment for the project.”  – Samantha L. 

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