Individual Support

Whether you’re curious about other roles or on a full mission to build your career, Teaching Up can support your ideation process and help you make a plan that doesn’t feel overwhelming. 


CV / portfolio development

We’ll work together to add data points, concise but compelling language, and relevant skills into a document or file you can be proud of!

Interview Readiness

Let’s get you ready to talk about how awesome you are! We’ll work on storytelling skills, tips to overcome nerves or insecurities (psst…everyone has them!), and more.  

Growth Planning

Let’s dive in and learn more about your dream life, and then set some practical goals that build a pathway to achieving it!

Personal branding

As your career grows and changes, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and who you want to be. Defining your “brand” and your values can bring clarity and decisiveness (and pump you up with confidence, too!).


"I don't know what i need"

I’ve had feelings of being “stuck” too. Let’s take some baby steps together to help you figure it out.



Let’s chat about life, goals, and roadblocks! We’ll make sure it’s a fit and that you’ll get value from what we can deliver.


You’ll receive a summary of our recommendation and a clear plan of action (including important dates and final pricing details). Once you confirm, we begin!

Execute & monitor

Our plan comes to life in small, manageable steps. As we progress, we evaluate effectiveness and adjust as needed. 


Services designed for every budget. 

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